Image by Marcella Jo Photography

Chef Jason is an incredible assist to the catering scene in Grand Rapids.
— Chef E.J Martin

We provide multiple services when it comes to catering. You let us know the event and the space, and we'll help you decide what service best suits your occasion. 

From action stations, to buffet, or plated, we tailor to your liking. The menu's are completely customizable, and we stand out with using fresh ingredients, and we always strive to use local products. We try to think outside of the box and have a more "hands-on" approach when it comes to preparing the food. We want to reinvent what catering is typically thought of.

Most people have had a bad experience with a caterer at a wedding, business event, etc. that came with a high price tag. We are bound to our passion and love for delicious and fresh food. If we wouldn't want it served to us, we won't serve it to anyone else. 

Same as personal chef-ing, we provide or procure all services necessary for throwing a successful party. (Meaning we have plates, silverware, glasses, tea cups, etc. to rent! And whatever we don't have, we will rent or find it for you so you don't have to!) We take the work out of planning the party, and add the fun.

Don't think that catering is only limited to big events or parties. If you want a beach tea party, or a woodsy picnic, we can help you come up with a menu that will highlight and compliment the experience. The world is your oyster... So lets have oysters!

Unless you're allergic to bivalves.