We at The Everyday Chef and Wife have a passion for creating food. Not just any food. Amazing food. Within our passion we make sure to use the best ingredients, which includes using local products as much as possible, and making as much as we can from scratch. This might take a little extra effort but we believe its 100% worth it. We have a desire to bring back the art of making things by hand, for the working hands. By this standard we consider our food high above the stereotypical catered/prepared food. 

We aim to make your event, be it big or small, memorable in every aspect. We want people to talk about YOUR event for a long time to come. 

Chef Jason is a personal chef classically trained in the culinary arts. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, The Chef has been specially trained, but definitely not limited to, vegan and gluten-free cuisine.

Kate {The Wife} came onboard with the business fully, (even though she was always behind the scenes) to help market and brand the business. She went to school for photography, and a few years into their marriage, The Chef and Wife discovered their passions married each other as well. They now work together, with The Chef creating, and the Wife capturing his creativity (and maybe throwing her two cents in here and there as well...)