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One of the reasons The Everyday Chef and Wife came about was the passion we have for creating quality made food for not only special events, but in the home. People tend to think that quickness/ easiness takes priority and turn to multiple pre-made foods.

Now we know not everyone can afford to flip the whole bill for a dinner party. Rather than losing out on a great in-home experience and heading out to a fast paced evening "out on the town", The Everyday Chef and Wife would like to introduce an old idea with a new twist: Creating a custom in home party experience where you can sit back and relax, have a few friends over, and enjoy freshly made, inspiring food. Instead of splitting the check in a noisy restaurant, split the check around the soft lighted-candle-adorned table at home, or a whimsical outdoor dining room. You can create and start your own personal, exclusive dinner club right in-home, with a custom menu created by you, for you. (And your guests obviously...)

Coffee, tea, beer, and wine pairings can be difficult to figure out what goes with what, but just think about a party where a classically trained Chef came and chose the best options to fit your tastes! Or an Italian dinner, where you can get transported over seas with the authentic culinary essence, and sounds from Rome are wafting from the stereo.

We can see it now! Your neighbors and colleagues will hear how you and your closest friends have started the hottest new dinner club with Grand Rapids* own up and coming personal chef!

Did that sound too informercial-y? We apologize. We're kind of excited for you.

We also have more than enough exclusive china options, glass ware, silverware, and decorations to rent that will help enhance your evening! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your right-out-of-the-magazine night!

*The Everyday Chef and Wife does do out of town jobs and is not limited to the Grand Rapids area. Contact us for more info and ideas!