To have a personal chef, you might think you have to make mucho bucks. Not true.

Great Personal Chef Pricing

We strive to have a price that is affordable, but still able to maintain our quality of food.  Every family/menu is completely customizable. The Everyday Chef comes into the comfort of your own home and prepares your selected meals, package and stores them -- with reheating instructions -- so all you have to do is go into your fridge or freezer and pull out your scrumptious dinner that awaits you! 

If this interests or thrills you, please contact for more pricing info!  Family size, menu options, and meals per week differ with every customer. 

Personal Parties by The Everyday Chef

If you are looking for a one time dinner party, this is also right up The Everyday Chef's alley. From a dinner for two, up to a party for 30, your menu and evening is designed completely by you. It can be as elegant or casual as you choose. Would you like pairings with that? No problem. The Everyday Chef makes sure your guests (and especially you) are full, satisfied, and happy. 

We provide or procure all services necessary for throwing a successful party. (Meaning we have plates, silverware, glasses, tea cups, etc. to rent! And whatever we don't have, we will rent or find it for you so you don't have to!) We take the work out of planning the party, and add the fun.

If this excites or inspires you, please contact for more pricing info! Party size and menu options vary with every customer.